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At one point or another, almost everyone will need some help getting around. A Keen® Healthcare wheelchair can help improve quality of life by allowing individuals to remain comfortable and independent. The Keen® Healthcare Freelander™ series was made to address many of the issues dealt with on a daily basis by patients and healthcare professionals.

When purchasing any wheelchair consider these points :

  • Contrary to popular belief wheelchairs are not one size fits all. Wheelchairs come in different styles and sizes and our knowledgable staff at Keen® will help you find the perfect one for you.
  • Proper wheelchair positioning can promote good posture, enhance breathing and digestion.
  • Proper positioning can also prevent complications such as pressure sores and skin irritation, slow further loss of mobility, minimize pain and maximize function.
  • One of our seating specialist are ready to help if you have questions regarding the best chair for an individual!