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Transfer Assist

Transfer Assist

Transfer assists products provide renewed freedom yet at the same time they increase safety and help to boost potential for independence. Keen® Healthcare has everything you may need in this reguard from tranfer boards to hydraulic bariatric patient lifts.

When purchasing any transfer assist product consider these points :

  • Standing lifts can be used with individuals who are partially weight bearing, have some use of their arms, cooperative, and can sit on the edge of the bed.
  • Patient lifts are needed for non-weight bearing or partially weight bearing individuals.
  • Both of these lifts can aid in transfers, such as transferring from the wheelchair to the commode or from the wheelchair to the bed.
  • Patient lifts provide the mobility and security to help caregivers and family members easily care for their loved ones.
  • Safety poles offer strong support to those needing assistance with transfers and makes standing easy to maintain independence.
  • Transfer boards, transfer discs and gait belts help aid with quick and effective transfers.
  • These devices can be used to transfer in and out of chairs, cars and beds. They are portable and can help people gain access to the community!